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Partnering with the South African Department of Health to Enhance Public Healthcare

One of Aspen’s key business imperatives is the creation of stakeholder value. The communities Aspen operates within remain amongst the Group’s most important stakeholders, with healthcare being one of the key aspects to ensuring sustainable communities.

While South Africa is currently burdened with one of the world’s most disproportionate disease profiles, it also has enthusiastic and spirited healthcare workers and a large human capital base that can be tapped into. In line with Aspen’s commitment to develop this human capital and to resource the South African healthcare sector, Aspen has spearheaded the formation of The Public Health Enhancement Fund (PHEF) in South Africa, resulting in a private/public partnership and social compact between the South African Department of Health and the South African private sector.  This partnership has had an considerable positive impact on the public healthcare sector in South Africa – below is a link to short video providing a brief insight into this partnership and the benefits derived from it.

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